Galaxy Connections Launches New Dating Website and Progressive Web App

Galaxy Connections, a new dating website and progressive web app, has recently launched with a unique twist in the world of online dating. The platform matches individuals based on their gender preferences and cosmic location preferences, allowing users to find potential partners who share their interests in extraterrestrial life.

Subscribers to Galaxy Connections will receive an EDP card, also known as an extraterrestrial dating permit. This card allows individuals with an interest in dating aliens to be matched with any new local or extraterrestrial arrivals.

“We believe that there is a whole universe of potential partners out there, and our platform helps users find them based on their specific preferences,” said the founder of Galaxy Connections Mr. Adam Hollander.

The platform’s cutting-edge technology and intuitive user interface help users easily find their perfect match from anywhere in the universe. Register now and join the Galaxy Connections community!