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    “Alien” is a term created by Hollywood and has been adopted by society. This type of demining nomenclature has never been acceptable, it is akin to the derogatory names Native Americans, descendants of Africa, Latinos and Asians endure. Sports teams are making changes and we are bringing to be more conscience. It is clear none of this may continue any longer! Non-human life forms are being discriminated against and do not have a right on earth. Using another name such as non-Earth born lifeform or, universal being, non-Human, non-carbon-based life form, etc. New reports of UFOs and other contacts from outer space have been showing up in the news. reports of abductions, landing, ufo flybys, and strange lights in the sky are on the rise. The time is now to make a change. As a society lets agree to come together and stop using phrases that harmful.


    What do you think? What name do you think are good to use? Let’s talk about it.

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